Crufts Qualifiying Run

Tenterden Turbos

Janet Smith - Makeitso Midnight Echo - Echo
Carolyn Bartelous - Trex of Stonelink - T
Evelyn Price - Evs Forever Reddy Eddy - Eddy
Ruth Abrahams - Ghostland Silver Jack - Jack

On the 10th May 2015 Tenterden Turbos won the team qualifier at Tunbride Wells Agilty show. So will now be competing at Crufts 2016 Large Team on Thursday 10th March. This video is our qualifying run:

TW Crufts team Qualifer. Tenterden Turbos 1st Whooo Janet Smith,Echo,Ruth Abrahams, Tai,Eve Price,Ed and myself with Mr T are off to Cruft 2016. So proud of you all. Brilliant run. Only 2 clears in 67 teams.

Posted by Carolyn Bartelous on Sunday, 10 May 2015