Rules & Membership

Tenderden and District Dog Training Club


  • Annual subscription –  £10.00 
  •  Training fees – £40.00 for ten weeks

If you are interested in joining the Tenterden & District Dog Training Club
please contact MIKE JACKSON

Main Aims of Tenterden DTC which is a registered KC Club

To promote agility as a sport and to have fun with your dog.
To compete for those wishing to.
To meet like minded members and make friends.
To encourage new members into the club with a wide variety of breeds of dog.


The objectives of the club and the committee shall be to promote the interests of agility and to concern itself with the safety and well being of dogs participating in agility , especially those in any way connected to Tenterden & District Dog Training Club. To advise members of current and forthcoming events plus sound practices within the sport and to uphold Kennel Club regulations in particular those for agility.

The management of the club shall be in the hands of the officers of the club and the a committee of ( minimum ) five members each of whom shall be appointed for one year and shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General meeting having previously been nominated.

Qualified Instructors (Agility Club Accredited Instructors)

Janet Smith
Angie Tydeman
Sally Dwyer
Mike Jackson

Other Instructors

Eve Price Obedience and Agility trainer for over 20 years

Guest Trainers: Malcolm Card and Carolyn Bartelous (LLAAI Level 3, ACAI) once a month.


We run 4 classes which range from beginner dogs/handlers through to competitive G6/7 dogs/handlers.

Classes Available:

1 Foundation class dogs from 9 months onwards. This covers all the foundation exercises which are the precursor to agility and gives the dogs a good grounding and helps to create a partnership between dog/handler.

2 Young dogs competitive class which is for dogs moving up from Foundation that are able to weave and wish to compete their dogs.

3 Improver class is for dogs/handlers who are competing but also for handler who still wish to be challenged and have fun with their dogs.

4 Senior competitive class is for members running dogs in G6/7 who wish to push the boundaries and to bounce ideas/techniques off each other.



If any dog fouls the venue or the equipment the spot must be cleaned immediately.  You must pick up after your dog anywhere with in the training site or car park.
Members should always have a poo bag to available and all poo to be taken off site.

Members are not permitted to bring to class a bitch in season or ant dog that has contracted or knowingly been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the previous 21 days.

No smoking inside the training site.

No person may use the equipment unless supervised by an instructor.

Members must help either help bring out or help put away the equipment at training sessions.

If members cannot attend a class please contact the following persons:

  • Angie Tydeman
  • or email Liz Evans